Suburban Disposal driver almost killed me, company doesn't care!

Rochester, New York 0 comments

One of their garbage truck drivers waved a car from a parking lot right into oncoming traffic.It just so happened that it was me!.

Luckily I stopped in time. I tried to talk to the driver but they wouldn't roll down the window, so I took his truck number down. When he saw me do this he asked what my problem was. When I told him he almost caused an accident with his stupidity, he said, "You need to learn to fu**ing drive".

I called the office and it took me calling 4 times to get a manager on the phone. When I explained the unsafe behavior of their driver, the manager told me to "get your head out of your a@@". Suburban Disposal is a bunch of rude and uncivilized turds.

Do not give them any business.They might kill you or simply cuss at you.

Review about: Waste Removal.

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